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What is Yin Pilates?

Yin Pilates provides the Yin to your daily Yang of stress and busyness, tiredness or intensive workouts. Deep, effective and safe stretches for the entire body will have you feeling relaxed, pain-free and recharged again. The Pilates reformer is used to isolate muscles & joints so there’s no tying yourself in knots or guessing if you’re doing it right, and the sliding carriage means the intensity is up to you! Your stretch-outs can be as intense as any workout (the Yang in the Yin!) or a gentle series of simple stretches suitable for every body. Traditional Pilates is popular worldwide for the Yang intensity of its sessions. Yin Pilates provides an emphasis on the other side of Pilates- stretching, and relaxation. Said Joe Pilates himself “I want to spread my doctrines on the subject of tension and relaxation, so that the world at large may benefit.” At Yin Pilates, we do too! Join a Yin Pilates class now and add some Yin to all that Yang!

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Who are we?



Has qualifications in Philosophy, Sports Science, Exercise Medicine, Mindbody Medicine and Clinical Anatomy. He combines this diverse background into what is described as an “entertaining, humorous and knowledge filled teaching and presentation style”. A Pilates teacher for 15 years at his studio Fitzroy Pilates Studio, Anthony authored and developed Innovations in Pilates now called (Yin Pilates) to fill what he thought was a less developed aspect in Pilates teacher education and practice, the acquisition of flexibility.

Anthony teaches and lectures worldwide and was the Director of Advanced Educations for BASI Pilates, the highly respected world leader in the field of Pilates teacher training.


Is a professional Pilates instructor originally from Venezuela. With a background in dance, and training in classical and contemporary Pilates, Kenyi began teaching Innovations in Pilates in 2009, after translating workshops for Anthony. Kenyi has taught Innovations workshops throughout Asia, Europe and South America.  A skilled graphic artist, Kenyi desinged and co-authored the matwork book and ebook titled Innovations in Pilates.

In 2019 Kenyi published "The Pilates Wunda Chair"


Kenyi is a wellness coach with a special interest in nutrition, relaxation and stress management.

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