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There are dozens of teachers in 26 countries who have completed "Innovations in Pilates" courses with us and are now offering this as a class, or integrating this material into their general classes.


If you would like to get in touch with one of them, please email us your country and we will do our best to introduce you. Yin Pilates is a new certification as of 2019 and requires further study than the Innovations in Pilates coursework. Hence, we have not listed the Innovations in Pilates teachers on this website. As Innovations in Pilates teachers update their certification, we will add them to the endorsed teachers listing.




Sue Francis @ Yin Pilates Perth


Sue is a Professional Pilates Instructor from Dunsborough, Western Australia. 

Her early career began as a professional dancer traveling and working internationally.  Dance styles included Jazz and Tap dance, Theatrical and Classical Ballet. 

After settling down and raising her family back in Perth, Sue worked as a dance instructor and eventually, her love of dance and body movement led her to become a qualified Pilates Instructor with Polestar Pilates. She currently teaches Matwork, Reformer Pilates and Ballet Barre classes.

Recently, Sue began looking to deepen her own practice, particularly exploring the benefits of stretching techniques on the Reformer. She has now become a qualified Yin Pilates instructor and teaches from her home studio, “Yin Pilates South West”

Sue is passionate about the amazing holistic benefits of Yin Pilates and helping people feel connected to their body through this approach. Sue believes that 

“Yin Pilates is excellent practice for tired, busy and stressed bodies. I love to see the increased flexibility people achieve and also and the deep relaxation, stillness of mind, rejuvenation, and relief they feel after a class." 

Find Sue at:


Yin Pilates South West 

Small Group Classes held in lovely the coastal town of Dunsborough 

Monday to Saturdays. 

Contact Sue for class timetable or arrange by appointment:





Ishra Giblett @ Inside Out Pilates & Fitness


Ishra is originally from the UK but now lives in Singapore.


She was a professional dancer for over 20 years during which time she also dabbled in Pilates. After an international move to Singapore and becoming a mother she decided to pursue Pilates as a career and has now been teaching Pilates since 2013, and Gyrotonic since 2018.

She has now added to her disciplines by becoming a Yin Pilates instructor.

Ishra is looking forward to helping others experience how life-changing this method is.

She works from her home studio - Inside Out Pilates and Fitness - as well as working as an instructor in another studio - Sky Pilates.

Contact her for information about Yin Pilates classes, or about Pilates classes in general as well as Gyrotonic Private sessions.

Find Ishra at:

Inside Out Pilates and Fitness

Tel: +65 9735 1340

Sky Pilates

+65 6100 7597 (general)


United States


Kim Stokes

Yin Pilates Stretch.jpg

Kim started her Pilates training at Pilates Sol early 2010 to increase flexibility and tone. She fell in love with the Pilates method and continued to advance in the Pilates Sol teacher training program. After being certified Kim continued to help other clients at Pilates Sol. She currently owns Pilates Sol in Pittsburgh.

Kim is a traveler of the world and now attends conferences to enhance her understanding of the work while enjoying different cultures. This love of travel is how she found Yin Pilates!  Kim has traveled to Bali twice to complete Levels 1 & 2.  She has a positive, laid back personality with an enthusiasm that keeps clients you moving without them even realizing you’re doing work! Kim tunes in to what her clients are projecting to help them get the most out of their sessions.

Kim knows how hard and stressful a workday can be. She uses Pilates as therapy; a means to focus mind and body. "Everything else can wait!"

Find Kim at:

Pilates Sol

900 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh PA  15222



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