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"Live" Courses

Learn about the art & science of stretching, anatomy, biomechanics and your own patterns of tension while practicing Pilates! 30-40 seriously deep and effective stretches for the entire body in each course.

Note: Certificate courses are for two full days and are either mat or reformer based.

Topics Include

Topics Include:

  • Why stretch?

  • PNF stretching techniques including contract/relax and reciprocal inhibition, why they matter and how to integrate them into Pilates

  • Alternative ways of working with stiff clients who have difficulty with traditional repertoire

  • The latest research on stretching biomechanics & neurophysiology

  • Pain science, brain plasticity and its effect on stretching

  • The barriers to effective stretching and movement-ligaments, fascia, bones & brains

  • Deep, prolonged PNF stretching techniques to effectively alter your client's posture and movement abilities

  • Skeletal variation and its effect on your client's movement ability

  • How breathing effects stretching and how to breathe to maximize stretch effects

  • The 3 key client questions to maximize learning & progress

  • How to combine visual, verbal and kinesthetic teaching to optimize your client’s development and success

  • Force couple relationships around the pelvis and the effect of stiffness on pelvic alignment

  • Student clinic to practice your skills under supervision

  • 3D anatomy illustrations and interactive movies that take you far beyond the basics of "origin and insertion" anatomy education

  • Case studies

  • Masterclass with Anthony

  • New lenses through which to analyze movement



Whether you teach in a clinical or well-being based Pilates model, the work will enable you to teach stretches for the entire body, integrate the work into your studio programs, and offer new and exciting class formats. Our courses are approved by the Pilates Method Alliance and  Pilates Associations in Europe, Australia, and Asia.

To check on upcoming course dates, please click here.

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