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Yin Pilates offers three levels of training.


Level one


level one provides 35 stretches for the entire body with variations. Most of the stretches are beginner to intermediate level and more than enough for you to start teaching. The stretches have been selected for simplicity and to provide maximum biofeedback for clients. In other words, they can’t get them wrong, and they will definitely feel them! We also provide a student clinic, masterclasses and relaxation exercises, and scripts. Download course synopsis here




Level two


Level two provides intermediate level stretches that require more body control, flexibility, strength and coordination to attempt. Sometimes the stretches are multijoint and require more body awareness to feel and do correctly. Level two also includes masterclasses, teaching supervision, stress and relaxation scripts and a session on breathing anatomy and physiology and its relationship to stretching.



Level three


Level three consists of advanced level static and dynamic stretches that require strength, flexibility at multiple joints and high-level body control and awareness. Also included in the course is teaching supervision, Range of movement assessment and a segment on joint variation and its effect on flexibility.



Yin Pilates Kinesiology and Stretching anatomy


This 3-day course offers the very latest in 3D anatomy and kinesiology for Pilates and stretching. Computer constructed images and movies, clay muscle modeling and exploration of the anatomy in the studio will provide you with a greatly enlarged understanding of the body and the why’s and how’s of stretching it. Our course has run in many countries with hundreds of satisfied students. Check out our Pilates Kinesiology website



Teacher educator?


Would you like to run your own Yin Pilates courses? You need to complete all of the above courses and have been teaching for more than 200 hours. Opportunities are available for specific regions and countries. Talk to us about this exciting possibility!





Pebbles on the Sand


'Anthony Lett’s workshop 'Innovations for Pilates' was incredible. There are workshops that are intellectually

filled with incredible ideas and knowledge about the body. There are workshops that make your body feel great.

Anthony gave us both. Anthony Lett’s books are one of the best books on the market for professional teachers.

Stay tuned. We want Anthony back next year!'


Lesley Powell,

Owner of Movements Afoot Pilates Studio,

New York City



'Innovations in Pilates is a complete Pilates system unto itself. It can exist as a session of its own or be added to

a session to help improve flexibility and joint ROM. Anthony is a very knowledgeable presenter. He is open and available

to answer questions. His manual/tactile cueing is worth the price alone'


Stella Lampkin,

BASI Pilates

United States of America




What an absolutely AMAZING day

of learning with Anthony Lett presenting Innovations in Pilates. The amount of knowledge combined with a profound ability to convey the material is top notch. Can not wait for day 2!!! 

Eurona Tilly PIlates teacher

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