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Using the latest research in stretching biomechanics and neurophysiology, Innovations in Pilates will show you how to improve your flexibility with simple techniques that will bring instant results. Innovations will give you new insight into the Pilates system, and will show you new exercises, and new ways of using the Pilates reformer.

Whether you are a sports participant or coach, fitness or clinical Pilates instructor, Physiotherapist, Osteopath, or an eager Pilates devotee, this book is the definitive source on how to stretch safely and effectively, to improve the healthy functioning of your joints and muscles.

The book features over 50 effective stretches with beginner to advanced stretching movements, accompanied by more than 250 photographs and 30 key anatomical illustrations which demonstrate exercises for all parts of the body including legs, trunk, arms, neck, and shoulders.

Stretching on the Pilates Reformer (Digital copy)

  • Our new PDF eBook, suitable for computers, laptops, and all eReaders, is the same as our Innovations in Pilates Book, and in full colour. The PDF eBook will be sent to you electronically once we receive your order.

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