Yin Pilates is dedicated to preserving and advancing the stretching aspect of the Pilates method. It can be taught on a mat, or on the Pilates reformer. Yin Pilates can be taught for remediation from injury, performance enhancement and the management of stress. It is now practiced in over 25 countries, and supported by 8 popular books. Complete

level one and join our vibrant international community!

Welcome and thank you for taking an interest in the Level 1 Yin Pilates, formally known as Innovations in Pilates

Quality Lecturers

You will be learning with international Pilates industry leaders Anthony Lett and Kenyi Diaz. Both have taught Innovations in Pilates in 25 countries worldwide and given keynote presentations for many national Pilates associations. Their latest 4 books were both Amazon best sellers internationally and remain consistently in the top ten Pilates books worldwide.

International recognition

Yin Pilates is recognized with Pilates associations worldwide as a reputable post graduate certification for Pilates instructors. Our courses are certified with the Pilates Method Alliance, and with a host of other national associations. If you would like us to approach your association for continuing education credits or course recognition, please contact us.


For certification/award, i.e. if you want to teach the material, the requirement is a Pilates teacher training certification.
For non-award participation, i.e. for you own personal development, no Pilates certification is required. However, you must have attended at least 12 months of Pilates classes. If you have a background in dance, yoga or physical therapies and would like to join us, please contact us for a chat.

What’s involved?

You will learn 35 stretches, with variations. Level one involves basic and wherever possible, uncomplicated stretches that are suitable for most clients except those that already have a high level of flexibility. To challenge that kind of client, you may need the level two or three course.

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