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Hack Your Low Back With Pilates Reformer Stretching (Print)

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Only available on Amazon. To purchase the print copy of the book, please click here.

A hack is an innovative and unorthodox way to crack a big problem. Although stretching is not a new prescription for managing and alleviating chronic low back pain, doing it on a Pilates reformer, with precision cues and 3D images is definitely novel. The Pilates reformer makes performing your exercises incorrectly very difficult- a critical point in ensuring exercise adherence and positive outcomes in rehabilitation. It also allows safe and intricate movements so that you can relax and find just the “right spot” for you. Fabulous 3D images mean no more guesswork, no wondering “am I doing it right?”

Chronic low back pain has hit epidemic proportions in the developed world. Costing billions in inactivity, lost work days and healthcare costs, it is a problem brought about primarily by the mismatch between our modern environments and our ancient bodies. Bodies that evolved over millions of years to be both strong and supple.

Pilates reformer stretching can assist in restoring your function and managing your pain. Tried and tested over a 20-year period with many thousands of clients, the simple cues and safe stretches in Hack Your Low Back may well rid you of the pain, frustration, sense of fatigue and depression that so often accompany chronic dysfunction.

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